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post/95346461114: there's no talk on 4chan on Zoe Quinn because the mods don't want to give her any more attention - threads about here were deleted because it's to avoid she and her supporters from posting bait and stuff there and later claim that she's being 'harassed' again. moot didn't get rid of the admins/mods.
ughsocialjustice ughsocialjustice Said:

I honestly don’t know why she gets so much attention anywhere. If people really pay attention to her doing all these shitty things, then they just give more chance for young game designers to be judged badly. I mean, isn’t it just logical? I’m not a gamer, I don’t know much about that girl, but according to what I’ve read about this incident, why does she get attention? To spread the stereotype that new gamedesigners shouldn’t be trusted, because “who knows why they got popular” and shit like that? When the people who keep giving her attention are the ones who are scared of exactly that…

People act as if itwas the very first case in human history that someone tried to get popular and rich through getting into as many influential people’s pants as possible. No, it’s not the first time, and by freaking out over her as if she was the first to do that, you just make her seem as special as she wants to be seen.

-The Non-Binary One