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Anonymous asked: It's not just Iran that's lecturing America about Ferguson, China and Russia have been doing the same. Because you know, this situation is TOTALLY the same thing as unlawfully annexing Tibet and Crimea, or waging a covert war in Eastern Ukraine while denying involvement at every turn. Or running over people with tanks in Tiananmen Square. Or bombing Grozny into a crater. Pot -> Kettle -> Fucking black.

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Anonymous asked: lol oh my fucking god Iran released a statement trying to lecture the US for Ferguson. I'll bet the entire world conveniently forgot Iran's election fiasco where they murdered people in the streets w/ hit squads & secret police to kidnap dissenters threw tear gas and bullets at their people and unlawfully imprisoned protesters who knew the government was cheating the election. And the world ignores it to put down the US even though Iran's gov has killed more people than will die at Ferguson.

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Anonymous asked: I think heart condition anon is ridiculously oversensitive and needs to calm the fuck down. What are the chances of someone just happening to discover they have a heart condition by dumping cold water on their heads? Dan Feuerriegel has heart problems and he did it too. Hell, I'm an asthmatic and I couldn't do the vanilla powder or whatever challenge, you don't see me crying about it. They're raising more awareness than you ever could, so stfu.

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Anonymous asked: I saw a post on my fb feed saying "Ill believe in good cops when they turn the bad ones in." Who are they gonna turn them in to? The "evil and racist" police? I don't get it. Im Hispanic and Ive had multiple interactions with cops and theyve been nothing but respectful and even threw out a speeding and parking ticket I was gonna get because I was nice and treated them like normal people. Obviously there are corrupt ones i.e. the Ferguson police but this "all cops are scum" mentality is crazy.

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Anonymous asked: I don't know why Jezebel have chosen Jezebel for their feminist icon. Like she was the evil wife of a king, essentially a massive bitch and ended up getting eaten by dogs. If they wanted to look edgy, they should've chosen Lilith, who was the embodiment of female sexuality and women's power over men. I mean Jezebel is more fitting - crazy psycho womanchildren- but surely Lilith suits the image they're going for better?

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askponet asked: According to The Jester (a pro-US hacktivist), ISIS has been trying to co-opt the protests in Ferguson in hopes of getting the black population to jihad. I doubt it's working, but it honestly scares me that ISIS can even attempt this. The Jester has links to Twitter accounts associated with ISIS that are flooding the #Ferguson tag, and there are photos of people among the protesters with "ISIS here!" signs. Though-- surprise, surprise-- no SJWs have said anything about this yet...

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Anonymous asked: thank you someone for pointing out the misinformation reblogs, ive not only seen it with furgeson but with other political issues as well, and its turned me off to this blog a few times

Which ones? Could you give us links, so we can check and discuss these posts?

-The Non-Binary One

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Anonymous asked: People do realize that if you tell someone to "commit suicide" and the person commits suicide, and the police find out someone was pushing them to do it, that persons going to jail, right? It doesn't matter if youre on anon, tumblr saves the IP`s of anonymous asks

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